Reaching people where they are

Our Audience

Cannabis Empire

What we do To
Reach our audience

For us to be effective – both for our clients and for the industry – not all audience members are the same. We target people who are open to our message and who we believe want to do business with value-centered businesses.



We profile many of our members in our own Fearless Voice Magazine (distributed on a platform of millions), but we partner with other cannabis publications for additional exposure.

Social Media

Some of our highest volume of engagement comes from our various social accounts. Not only do we post targeted content, but we take the time to engage with & answer the questions of our follower.


We are creating an entire series to share the cannabis industry with others. As part of those efforts, we will also be highlighting the Membership and some of our members.


We communicate directly to people interested in this platform with regular emails, updates, and phone outreach. Our relationship is only beginning when our clients join the Cannabis Empire. We are consistently working to connect and engage.

Web Videos

Our short form video content covers a wide array of events, member profiles, and products to attract the attention of an audience that consumes most of their media from mobile devices.

Partnering Events

To reach cannabis businesses and the community, we literally go where they already are. Each year we partner with a number of events and conferences to speak, attend visibility events, and connect with people who we feel should support our members.

And last but certainly not least...


Our Ambassadors are our secret sauce who make the entire platform effective. People from all over the globe receive visibility, gain financial incentives, and get to help the cause of their choice – all by spreading the word about Cannabis Empire.