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Mia Medina

B2B Community Outreach
San Francisco, CA



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“I’m a proud Canna mom and I want my daughter to see how much this industry helps people, and also how raising our voices to educate about the cannabis industry can help each other.”

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The Bring Them All Home Hoodie

This Bring Them All hoodie will ensure that neither your wardrobe or this topic will be ignored. Highlights the important issue of cannabis incarceration with these unapologetic designs. Spacious and relaxing with no side seams to ensure maximum comfort.
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Supporting the Bring Them All Home Initiative

“The world is changing, and thankfully cannabis is being recognized for the healing and comfort it brings to so many. But we can’t leave people behind. That’s why I support this initiative to free all cannabis prisoners.”
Mia Medina
Over 317,000 people were arrested in the United States in 2021 for marijuana possession* – over 870 people PER DAY. While advocacy has been successful in reducing those numbers in the last 20 years, our work is not done.

Bring Them All Home works to educate legislators and the general public about the harmful effects of these arrests and works to release those still incarcerated.

*Statistics provided by NORML.

In cooperation with Green Reine PAC.

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